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xiao1235 Jun 7

Many decorate the material laying the ground of the preferred products, floor and plastic wood flooring with "good stability, convenient installation, easy to do", and many other advantages Best Green Environmental Protection WPC Outdoor Floor Distributor , has become the mainstream of wood products. But, the brand of compound floor of plastic wood is numerous, specification is not even, good and ill are mixed, price is high and low disparity, and exterior difference is very small, bring very big difficulty to consumer choice. The expert reminds broad consumer, should choose carefully when choosing plastic wood compound floor, small make up remind broad consumer to be in buying plastic wood compound floor when attention is following detail.

First of all, when consumer is buying plastic wood is compound floor, had better choose reputable brand products, preferred state authorities decided that the product or industry, such as the national inspection-exempted products Wood Plastic Composite(WPC) Industry Website . Don't buy sannos. Second, focus on environmental indicators. Because plastic wood flooring in the process of production may use formaldehyde harmful to human body health of adhesive, etc., harmful material such as this kind of adhesive content is more than the national standard, affect human body health, therefore, consumers should pay attention to the environmental protection index of the plastic wood is compound floor, plastic wood flooring formaldehyde release a quantity at the same time should meet the national mandatory standard. Additional, do not ignore the stability of plastic wood compound floor. Although stability is good is the outstanding advantage of plastic wood compound floor, but moisture content control is improper or shop installs unscientific, also can affect the stability of the product. Accordingly, consumer should pay attention to the moisture content index of plastic wood compound floor and shop outfit way, ensure stability.

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