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5mmo Jul 26

buy The Crew 2 Credits Well the game doesn’t really have a story. It has characters who are so annoying I just want to mute the game and forget they existed. I think this is the only major gripe I have with the game. It does racing well the upgrade system is fine and the overall gameplay is brilliant but the story is where this game really lacks. I know many people are happy that the revenge-driven story from the first game is gone but what we have here is awful. It looks great on paper – begin as a nobody and work your way up to the top and become the best racer around.

Graphically I don’t have a lot to compare The Crew 2 with since I have not played Forza Horizon or Driveclub both of which boasts better-looking cars. However Ubisoft does do a good job of portraying a variety of models especially the formula race cars which looked above average. The graphics do shine when you are racing though. One memorable race in The Crew 2 takes you out of Las Vegas through a concrete tangle of freeways across blinding salt flatsbuy TC2 Credits and up through scrubland into the fog-shrouded mountains bursting into the clear sun over the peaks of the high Sierra and then into a vertiginous descent amid the sheer cliffs of Yosemite.

The rivals section is where it gets tricky. The game has been designed in such a way that it can be completed solo (a result of a change of strategy at Ubisoft in recent times) and yet its always-online world implored you to hop in and joins up with others and do….? Not a lot. Apart from taking part in some nearby races together there is not a lot to do with friends in The Crew 2. So it back to the drawing board on that front I guess online welcome!