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The PVB laminated glass consists of 0.76mm PVB Movie Laminated Glass, 0.38mm PVB Film Laminated Glass and so on. Do you know its elements?

one. Safety: Within the event of an external effect, the elastic mid-layer absorbs the affect and prevents the influence from penetrating. Even when the glass is broken, it should only create a spider-like fine-grained crack, and the chips will adhere firmly to it. About the middle layer, people today will not fall off and can proceed to utilize until finally the substitute.

two, Anti-theft: PVB laminated glass is extremely challenging, even if the thieves crack the insulated glass factory, given that the middle layer along with the glass firmly stick with each other, even now maintain integrity, in order that thieves can not enter the space. Immediately after putting in the laminated glass, the guardrail could very well be omitted, which not just saves bucks, but also looks stunning.

3. Sound Insulation: PVB laminated glass can effectively suppress the transmission of noise as a result of damping perform of acoustic wave, particularly the soundproof effect of laminated glass put in to the buildings at the airport, station, downtown and on each sides on the road. Particularly apparent.

4, UV protection: PVB movie can soak up in excess of 99% with the UV, thus guarding the indoor furniture, plastic items, textiles, carpets, artwork, ancient artifacts or goods in the UV radiation and the fading and aging.

five. Energy-saving: Making laminated glass made from PVB movie can properly diminish the penetration of sunlight. On the very same thickness, the laminated glass manufactured from a dark, low-transmittance PVB movie is extra resistant to heat insulation. At present, domestically produced laminated glass includes a wide range of colours.

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